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Yeuz is an innovative creative team dedicated
to craft augmented reality installations with
interactive devices using hands, eyes and body
movements. We build immersive and interactive
video environments with a surrounding sound
system, in real time and space.

We create art shows as well as tailored intuitive
interactive solutions, crossing the bridge between
branding, communication, events, and digital art.

I n t e r a c t i v e  I n s t a l l a t i o n s

K e p l e r

Poetic Installation at L'Amour, Paris France.
Glittering, strange particles rain down
on your silhouette as you move with
physics based on a real 3D space.
Kepler encourages the audience to
spontaneously create their own
choreography, without previously learning how the installation works but by exploring
and discovering on their own, and to have them
believe that they are part of the illusion..

O r b e

ORBE is an installation where a
member of the audience can act
as an unpredictable energy,
disrupting the quiet and balanced
flow of particles floating around
the earth. The more he gets
physically involved in front of it,
the more he will create turbulences.
Soon, he will discover that certain
gestures can also control the
earth's behaviour.


YZ II is a live scenography where
all visuals projected on-screen are
controlled in real time by the artist's
movements and music, who themselves
are represented as digital avatars. Digital
art, music and technology are blended into
one hour of electronic music exploration
Café de La presse, Paris

F l u x  7  -  Yeuz x Elliott Causse

Graphic installation merging light,  painting and sound, playing  where people can reveal the artwork in motion.

I n t e r a c t i v e    E x p e r i m e n t  s

S o u n d  p r o d u c t i o n 

About us

YEUZ is the combination of several minds and crafts : interactive world-building, sound design, art direction, scenography and much more.

We aim to design intuitive art installations that creates emotions and un-seen experiences,

whether it’s coming directly from our imagination or it’s the result of a collaborative effort with a brand.

Paul Sabin
(+33) 6 84 55 53 22

Johan Raghbate
(+33) 6 28 37 04 10

Nathan Got
(+33) 6 87 70 31 64